About Testopidea

Testopidea is a cloud-based remote lab which provides users the ability to access live lab setups from anywhere and anytime. It provides easy and flexible access to network test lab infrastructure. Our model is built to adjust to customer needs quickly and efficiently. It combines aspects of virtualization and offer Lab-as-a-Service (LaaS) solution to clients, customers and partners.

What we do
Testopidea offers remote lab subscription service with live test tools and network devices on the company’s hosted lab network. With the flexible lab framework, we provide our customers and partners an ability to configure and reconfigure the lab whenever and wherever they need it – without worrying expensive maintenance costs. Testopidea takes control of efficiencies by better utilizing lab infrastructure and scheduling lab resources to be flexible, scalable and customizable.
Why Testopidea?
Exploring the cloud-based lab solution has many advantages and it has the potential to vastly improve the way our customers operate by giving them the tools they need to collaborate better and work more efficiently and effectively. Given this potential, it’s important to understand how the products offered will affect the daily operations and provide opportunities for future growth. The cloud-based lab designed to give our customers freedom to explore and invent as well as a chance to collaborate with some of the latest innovations.
Our consulting team
Testopidea consists of veteran high-tech software and hardware development and test professional teams who held position in companies from Fortune 100 to high-tech start-ups. The staffs at Testopidea bring decades of experience in network, data & voice and IT fields. Helping our customers on the projects require deep industry and functional expertise. We invest significant time and effort in developing and renewing a knowledge base that offer unique perspectives and insights to our customer.

Our mission

Testopidea is to offer a first class, cloud-based, lab services in order to enable customers to maximize their business value.

As we constantly strives to reach excellence in our field, we work hard to understand the needs of our customers and business partners. We are building foundations to establish a collaborative learning center of excellence.

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